About us

The Friends of Fernhill and Mulgoa Valley Inc (FFMV Inc) is a non-profit organisation that focuses on safeguarding the cultural and natural heritage of Fernhill Estate and the Mulgoa Valley.


Mulgoa Valley’s exceptionally rich landscape of scenic vegetation and cultural (Aboriginal and European)  historical features is unique in the Sydney region. It is under threat from the relentless expansion of greater Sydney.

We believe that the Mulgoa Valley should remain unspoiled for present and future generations.

Our Mission

Safeguard historic houses and Aboriginal and colonial sites in the Mulgoa Valley

Protect the rural character of Mulgoa Valley and Mulgoa Road

Preserve the unique and diverse Cumberland Plain habitats, geology, native flora and fauna


Our Vision

To maintain Mulgoa Valley for present and future generations


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Our Organisation

Our organisation is a volunteer group from Mulgoa and beyond that are aligned to the organisational constitution.